The beauty of walking the beach and barefoot is one of my most enjoyable things to do when I visit a beach.  There is nothing like feeling the white sand underneath your feet as you take step after step as you feel the softness of the sand.

Blue and White Striped Dress With Red Bodice Michael Kors Handbag

Life On The Beach

Its not everyday that I get a chance to experience life on the beach. Life on the beach is where many students spend there spring breaks. I don’t live on the beach which I’m sure is the case for most of us, but I enjoy going to the beach as many of us do. This staycation at the Holiday Inn Resort, Fort Walton Beach, was truly a wonderful experience. Having a room on the ocean, just took the time spent there to another level. Its been sometime now that I’ve stay in an ocean front room, so when we checked in, I was able to get this room, thanks to my lovely dad who has made it possible for us(siblings) to enjoy timeshare and resort style living.

A Beautiful You

As I go through the process of trying to loss some weight, I will reveal myself through my swimsuit reveal post(check it out on that post). It took a lot for me to show myself in this way, but it just lets you know that you should partake of all of your beauty no matter how you see it or someone else sees it.  It yours, take it and be grateful.

I enjoyed this staycation on the beach side so much that I’m looking forward to my next beach side adventure.

Share your favorite staycation adventure.

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