black lace dress, with matching heels, with beige purse

black lace dress with matching shoes and being purse

Black Dress

Every girl should have a little black dress in her closet.  Just like a man has a little black book, or that’s what I used to hear. It should be available when you need it and you just take it out and put it to use(wear it that is).  🙂

This lace one has been hanging up in my closet for awhile.  I found it at NY&Company with the shoes to match it.  The underlining of the dress appears white in the picture, but it is actually a flesh kind of color. Very comfortable to wear.

black lace dress with matching high heel shoes and beige purse


No matter how you look at it, lace is always beautiful. I’ve never seen an ugly piece of lace. Lace is the nature of beauty. Whatever you put it on, it stands out and enhance and improve. So who wouldn’t want to wear a garment with lace. One of my favorite shopping spots is New York & Company. They came through for me on this getup!

What I’m Wearing:

Dress            ny&company

Black with beige under layer

Shoes           ny&company

Black and beige high heel

Purse Beige           coach

Eye wear      ashbygrace

Earring  Silver Hoops      ninewest

Silver/Gold Watch          pulsar

This ensemble I put together for a friend’s wedding. I enjoy coordinating my pieces.

Share with us how you match up pieces from you closet.

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