Fall vibe ready with maxi brown skirt, beige vest, long sleeve brown multi-colored blouse.

Fall Vibe For The Season

The times are changing, the season has changed, and I am fall fashion vibe ready, no more summer to bring out the rain… ok, I get it, its Fall. The leaves are falling, showing their beautiful brown golden,  red, brown colors as the autumn breeze begins to show his face.  Some say autumn, and some say Fall, its means the same to us all. So much for the poetic justice. 🙂










Letting Go Of Summer

Living in Florida, its the feel of tropical almost year round. Sometimes it seems as if our seasons just flow together and its like one great Spring(even during the fall and winter months). But I can feel the change in the air, temperate a little cooler, but the air conditioners are still running in full swing.

To show my appreciation for the fall season, I took a look in my closet to see what I could find that would reflect the season in my eyes, then I put this “fall” ensemble together. A brown maxi skirt, long sleeve multi-color blouse, a ruffled vest,  beige suede shoes, a vintage brahmin purse and a dolce vita bag purse. Now here is what that looks like.


Note:   Used to be one of my favorite work pieces.

blouse: beige multi-colored

vest:      beige ruffled edge with metal buttons

skirt:    maxi brown

Purse:   vintage brahmin & dolce vita

Are you ready for the summer to end?

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