It seems like summer has gone by so fast, and now October (fall season) is upon us.

Change comes in the month of October, summer is gone, fall is upon us and we’re getting ourselves ready for the new year that’s to come. Christmas decorations are already up in many stores and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. October is also a time of harvest where we gather what we have planted, pluck it up and partake of it.  For some it has a religious connection where we celebrate the inner spirit. Lets take a look at the four things October is sure to bring.

Season Change

October is the month when the season change to autumn, leaves reflect the colors of orange, brown, golden colors and colors of nature. The leaves are falling and leaving the trees bare so they can come back next year and start to bloom, blossom and grow all over again.

Breast Cancer Awareness

As women, we can all relate to the matter of breast cancer. We know someone who has been affected by this disease, such as a parent, grandparent, mother, sister, aunt, cousin. We all know some!  October is a time for us to do our breast buddy check.  Even though we don’t hear about much of that anymore. But its a time that we recognize, raise funds and support the breast cancer awareness cause. I just had my mammogram a couple of weeks ago, even though I was able to leave as other women sat waiting for their results and inquiring upon me, asking, “you get to leave”, and I proudly said yes, and walked out the door. Well, as fate would have it, as I am sitting writing this post, I get a call from the diagnostic office stating they need to do more testing. I’m not scheduled for this month.


In the financial arena, October is a month that carries great financial significance. When it comes to stocks in the American markets, analyst tend to monitor the stock-markets very carefully.  History has shown that stocks take a decline during the month of October than any other month of the year,  going back to the Black days of October in 1929(Great Depression) and then the great crash in 1987. The fourth quarter of the year is watched carefully by people in the financial world.


Sports is a major part of our existence, October is when the “Big Four” major professional sports leagues have games. The National Basketball Association(NBA) begins, National Hockey League is going on, National Football League(NFL) is in full swing and Major League Baseball (Championship & World Series) are being played coming to an end.

After such a hot summer, October brings about a much needed change. Temperatures cool down, leaves fall, and our wardrobe changes.  The global season change is the major one, I believe, for everything changes around us. We all experience the four things that October bring.



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