If you want to make a fashion statement, do it with stripes. Fashion stripes the trend that LIVES on, just never goes out of style.  You can never go wrong with a stripe blouse, skirt, jacket, or pants.  Okay, maybe that’s not so true because in my opinion, everybody can’t wear stripes.

This past Spring vogue states that stripes were taking over spring fashion, showing up on runways across the globe.  I found myself purchasing a few pieces that included stripes.

Striped Career Dress

Stripe Trend Dress

As you know I am a self proclaimed budgetnistHer. I love shopping for clothing at discount prices, and seldom do I pay original marked prices for any item. When I found this little dress below, I wasn’t looking for it, however as I walked pass, it caught my eye, especially because blue is my favorite color.  I stopped, pulled it off the rack, and darn, it was my size, so I HAD to purchase it.  Its a Spense designer dress, and I’ve had some of their pieces in my closet before.  They wear well on me. After getting home, I tried it on, and wow! It’s a perfect fit and length. I paid $12.99 for this little dress and look how cute it is.

Striped Blue Dress


Black Clutch Bag

To top off the blue striped dress, I paired it with a black clutch coach bag and naturalizer black sling black shoes.  If you feel that stripes will be appealing on you, by all means, make them a part of your closet, and wear them well.

Blue striped dress with three quarter length sleeves.

Share your feeling with us about wearing stripes.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Spense



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