Orange Lake Resort Thanksgivng Holiday Living.

Short getaways are a part of my life and spending time at one of my favorite locations, Orange Lake Resort located in the heart of Florida near Disney Orlando was my go to place for Thanksgiving with my family this year.

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Its a holiday weekend now, Thanksgiving weekend that is, and I’m in for my staycation.  This timeshare resort  is located near the Disney area, just outside of Orlando.  Orange Lake Resort is one of the most famous places in Florida to stay. It’s also know as Holiday Inn Club Vacations. This year, to accommodate our family, our home away from home was a 3 bedroom suite located  in the East Village community. There are several six story buildings in this area and a golf courses.  As you well know, spending time with family is one of our favorite things to do during the holidays.

Stranger Enters Suite

While some family members went on their morning  walk, I stayed behind to get a little extra rest. As I sat on my bed around 10:00a.m., a stranger enters my room. She had to walk down the hall within the suite to get to where I am.  Since I was in a lock off room, I heard the sound of the slide of the door and I’m thinking its one of my family members, NO, its not.  Its was a total stranger.  As she walked into my area and  our eyes meet, we knew immediately that something was wrong. She was obviously in the wrong suite.  Apparently, when someone left from the suite, they did not close the door good.  She said she used her key and the door wasn’t closed good, and she walked in thinking she was in her building.  There are numerous buildings in this community, and they all look alike, but you have to look and the building numbers to know where you are.  But all was well and she was escorted to the door to disappear into the thin air.

Family Together

Overall, we had a wonderful time.  My dad, aunt, sisters and other family members enjoyed our stay at Orange Lake Resort.  We ate lots of turkey and dressing, watched lots of football and enjoyed being in each others presence.  Now we are looking forward to our next getaway.

Happy Staycation!    Kassie





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