My Southern Style Cuisines

My Southern Style Cuisines


Ground Turkey Meat Loaf

Ground Turkey Loaf

Ground Turkey Loaf is one of my go to dishes when I decided to cut back on eating beef.  Its a very easy and fast dish to make.

Green Lima Beans and Whole Okra

Green Lima Beans & Whole Okra

Oh, my those green lima beans and okra.  Growing up at one point in my life, I didn’t like okra because it was, you know the word, “slimy”.  Well, I discovered that you can have it fried where there is not slime or you can cook them to a point where you can minimize the slime. So that’s what I attempt to do when I cook them in my vegetable dishes. To minimize the slime, I place them in the point just before the beans or peas or completely cooked.

Turkey Wings and Cornbread Dressing

Turkey Wings & Dressing

Yummy, turkey wings and dressing is another one of my go to dishes.  Baked in my roasting pan which was left being from a Sheffield Strawberry and Cream Collection of pots and pans my mother’s  had. Boy does this come in handy during the holidays. Great for roasting a whole turkey, which I did for Christmas last year.

Roast Beef with Lipton Onion

Roast Beef w/Lipton Onion Soup

This is another one of my favorite, even though I only have it generally once a year, especially since I have cut back on eating beef. This is a roast beef dish that I cook with Lipton onion seasoning,  I will call it, the dry one, not the  wet soup. That’s what I use it for.  It gives the beef a great flavor! It also comes in beef flavor.

Macaroni and Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese, sorry to say but this is not a quickee.  This combination takes some time to prepare and cook so I don’t make it often.  Even though I enjoy this dish, I’ve found that I have to be careful with it.  I know there are some recipes around that have less calories intake,  but I will have to search for one. Very tasty and can’t eat just one serving. Have to go back for more!

Green Beans and Red Potatoes

Green Beans & Red Potatoes

Fresh Green Beans and Red Potatoes are another one of my favorite dishes.  And this combination doesn’t disappoint.  It is pretty fast and easy to make.  The potatoes get soft quickly and the beans can be steamed to a crisp so that you can enjoy the flavor and nutritional value.

Collard Greens

Collard Greens

Collard greens are one of my favorite go to vegetables.  But I hate cutting these things up!  I used to do that but I have found a store that have them already shredded and that’s Save-A-Lot. There’s are very tender and doesn’t take all day to cook.  I have purchased 4 bags of these greens from Save-A-Lot in the last two months.  And I’ve never done that before, but there tenderness and ease of cooking has got me coming back for more.

Jiffy Cornbread Muffins

Cornbread Muffins

I have a very difficult time making great cornbread from scratch, so I solicit some help! That help comes in the form of Jiffy cornbread mix.  They have a vegetarian brand, and you really cannot find it in a lot of stores.  The one place I have found it is in Winn Dixie, and I believe Publix(although Publix is not global and only available in most southern states). I enjoy eating cornbread, especially with my collard greens.  That’s a real southern thing!




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