What Does Red Mean To You

The holidays are upon us and nothing speaks Christmas like the color red. The lady in red holiday vibe express how you can wear red during the holiday season and what that color might mean to you. The color red is associated with having energy, strength, power, it also expresses passion, sexuality, strength, courage, joy, love, fire and blood just to name a few. But no matter what your reason is for wearing red,  it speaks loud and it speaks clear.

This red dress is by Enfocus Studio.









I am beginning to embrace the color red as in wearing it.  For a long time I refused to wear it, but I’ve begun to add more pieces to my closet that includes this color. This red dress has been in my closet for quite some time and I really forgot that I had it. So it was hooray, when I saw it hanging there. Sometimes we just forget what’s hanging in our closets!

This red  A-line dress is by Emma Michele.

I went shopping lately and found this red skirt at JCPennys(on one of their sales racks).  The blouse I’ve had for quite awhile.  I always find great items there and I will be sharing them with you in this format.  I am the self proclaimed  BudgetnistHer because I love shopping for great markdowns. This red layered skirt is by Worthington(recent). Black top Worthington(not recent).

Share your shopping for great $avings story.


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