Five reasons to have a summertime bucket list and on my list was this stretch of beach located in Sarasota County, Florida,that I’d heard about for years. I decided to put it on my bucket list as one of the places that I would like to visit.  I heard talk of Siesta Key or Siesta Beach, located just south of the Tampa Bay area.

I’d heard about this aqua colored ocean water and I wanted to see it for myself, so I took a trip to Sarasota County to get a glimpse of this awesome site and it did’nt disappoint. It was just breathtakingly beautiful, I had to put my feet in the water and feel the flow of the waves, and now, I can check this off my bucket list.

Summertime is upon us and before you know it, it will be winter again. So, have you placed your items on your bucket to do list for this summer? Things you want to do, places you want to go. It’s not to late to start doing and checking things off your fun bucket list of ideas that are sure to be a BLAST. Planning for your summer fun should be a part of your living style and routine. If we don’t place some fun things to do with our lives, we are not benefiting ourselves. Putting aside summer fun cash is always a great plan of action and if you don’t have the funds, there are always free, fun places and things to do that will create lasting memories for you, your family and your friends. Here are my five reasons why you should have a bucket list.

Why have a bucket list?
1. It helps you to see your thoughts and ideas.
2. It helps you to choose what you want to do.
3. It gives you a visual of what you want to accomplish.
4. It helps you to stay focused.
5. It helps you to see your journey.

If you experience just one thing on your bucket list this summer, count it as a SUCCESS! Feel free to share your experience with us. You may copy and paste the Summertime Bucket List below for your use.

Summertime Bucket List
□1. Scuba diving in the Caribbean Island
□2. Travel the US by RV or car
□3. Visit Disney World/Disney Land
□4. Go on a Cruise
□5. Climb Mount Everest
□6. Travel to Europe
□7. Ride a Roller Coaster
□8. Visit Busch Gardens
□9. Zipline across the Amazon Rainforest
□10. Picnic in the Park
□11. Donate Blood
□12. Become a Homeowner
□13. Vacation in Paris
□14. Meet your favorite Celebrity
□15. Visit Niagara Falls
□16. Buy a Bayfront Condo
□17. Start Your Own Business
□18. Attend a Nascar Race
□19. Swim with Sharks in Florida
□20. Attend a professional Tennis Match
□21. White Water Rafting
□22. Hot Air Balloon Ride
□23. Run a Marathon
□24. Skydive
□25. Volunteer with favorite charity
□26. Visit New York
□27. Start your Blog
□28. Parachuting
□29. Get your book Published
□30. Hang Glide

□31. Hiking
□32. Visit an Art Gallery
□33. Visit a National Park
□34. Go Kayaking/Canoeing
□35. Attend a Conference
□36. Go to a Music Festival
□37. Take Swimming Lessons
□38. Find a New Love
□39. Visit a Winery
□40. Go-Kart Racing
□41. Ride your bike
□42. Go Camping
□43. Fly A Kite
□44. Water Balloon Fight
□45. Family Night Out
□46. Read your Favorite Books
□47. Organize Your Closet
□48. Improve Photography Skills
□49. Tell someone you Love Them
□50. Play min-golf
□51. Decorate Home
□52. Finish your eBook
□53. Family board game Night
□54. Plant a Tree
□55. Eat Healthy
□56. Girls Vacation
□57. Less Social Media
□58. Meet New People
□59. Go Water Skiing
□60. Make Tea Popsicles



My name is Kassie “Kassy” Dunmore. I’m a lifestyle blogger living in the Sunshine State of Florida, a little space I call “My Paradise” where I’m surrounded by sunshine, rain and beautiful beaches.

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