Face is the  thing of beauty, one that we try to improve on day after day. There is an old saying that, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” With that being said, who knows the meaning of beauty? The perception of beauty skincare is one of vagueness, its only how one perceives something or someone to be. Each person have their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what beautiful is. Let’s take a look at the areas where we enhance and/or cover up(our face). This includes our face, eyes, cheeks and lips.

1. Face

We can do many things to ourselves to make ourselves appear more pleasing in the eyes of others, and many of us wont stop at nothing to achieve the look we want. We are not pleased with our natural beauty so we set out to make changes that we feel will enhance our appearance. After all, its the first thing people see when they meet you, right?  So it would seem logical to start with our face when we think of looking better. Why our face? Why is it that this particular part of our body demands so much attention? Let’s look at a few things our face is exposed to.

  • sun exposure
  • wind, sleet, snow
  • makeup creams/foundation
  • makeup removal solutions

Our skin experience abuse throughout the day and some of them might include sun exposure, wind, sleet and snow, depending on where you live; the environment alone can have a negative impact on your face. There are many items that we apply to our face,  makeup creams, makeup removal solutions, not to mention other concoctions that we use that are promised to make our skin cleaner, clearer, smoother, wrinkle free, remove eye bags, change complexion, take off  dead skin; you name it, we’ve put it on our face and all the while we have no clue, we are experimenting on our lovely face :). Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology states that, “facial foundation is a colored cosmetic that improves skin appearance by camouflaging underlying facial pigmentation and texture irregularities. Females typically wear facial foundation at least 8 hours daily, making the skin impact of this cosmetic profound.”

Eye Makeup

2.  Eyes

We can’t leave out our eyes and eyebrows.  They two are plagued with the experience of making them pop.  We use eye liner, put on new eyelashes, use mascara to make our lashes look longer(especially if we have short ones).  Eye lash extension seems to be the hottest thing right now.  Everybody want long lashes, it appears at any cost.  When I see applied lashes that to long, they appear fake. In my opinion, it takes away from your appearance rather than make you appealing. Its something that I just can’t seem to get used to.  I had some short ones placed on for a few days, to give it a try and my eyes kept feeling like something in was in them and guess what, my boyfriend didn’t even notice.:)


3.  Lips

Lumpuous lips, plump and full are something that we all at one time or another wish to have.  Lips k-i-s-s-i-n-g can say a lot about us.  When they are nicely colored with some red, it makes a stoning point. But, everybody can’t wear red. Red is not a color for everyday wear, in my opinion, special occasions is a great time to splash on some red.  Keep you lips size and color in mind when considering this color for yourself. Also, don’t clash the color with the wrong style and color of outfit. But be bold and wear it well when you decide to make that red lip statement.

Let’s face it.  The first think someone sees and remembers about you is your face. Let your beauty shine. Wear it well, and with a :).






My name is Kassie “Kassy” Dunmore. I’m a lifestyle blogger living in the Sunshine State of Florida, a little space I call “My Paradise” where I’m surrounded by sunshine, rain and beautiful beaches.

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