Weekend Away

My resort weekend at Panama City Beach was an outing that I call my two in one. When it was planned, I had no idea that it would be on my birthday weekend.  As I traveled to the west coast of Florida for a three day staycation with my family, it was a time to spend some time away from home, expense FREE.  It was one of a get away and the other was to celebrate my birthday.

This trip took us about six hours going through a time zone change once we got about six miles outside of Tallahassee. The city where I attended grad school and received my Master’s Degree.

As we traveled down interstate 75 connecting onto interstate 10 and then getting off to travel some other highway which I cannot recall, it just seemed to be such a long road and I began to wonder “are we there yet“.  Panama City appeared no where in sight for our destination to the BayPoint Resort from Tampa, Florida with my family.  This was my birthday weekend so I was ready for this trip as I sat in the back seat while the men drove me.  Don’t you love it when you can just sit and ride sometimes and don’t have to do the driving! I know you do, and I do, also.  So I just enjoyed the ride and was looking forward to having a little fun.

While I was on my staycation,  I saw these lovely oaks and couldn’t just leave without posing between the limbs.  They were saying come and pose with me. LOL! and I did. The six hours of travel was all worth it and I’m looking forward to returning to this area in the near future.


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