By the sea on a Florida summer day is where I long to be. Where there is water, I want to be there, and living in Florida gives me the luxury of flexing my ocean view muscles from time to time. Tourist flock here from across the country on a daily basis, and I can see why. Even though this is just a snippet of what it has to offer, it in itself is a wonderful experience.

Who wouldn’t want to experience this lovely lifestyle of stretching out on the beach, wading in the water and feeling the touch of the ocean on through your toes.

By the sea with sunshine skyway in background.

Awww, what a feeling! By the sea on a Florida summer day is like no other experience you can have. What God has given to us can be much enjoyed.

As I took this trip to St. Petersburg, Florida and watched the view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge(the bridge that was struck by a barge several years ago and many people lost their lives and as of today many dare to cross it) is seen in the background.

I knew I wanted to share this awesomeness with you! It spans 430′ high and 94′ wide. This is one of the most sought out spots that people want to see. I wouldn’t call it a tourist attraction, because some are afraid of its height, and I must say, it takes some stomach to get through the ride as you cross this monster. I can be a scary ride.  I’ve crossed it at least three times this year as I write this post. But living in this area for a long time, I just take the ride like a CHAMP!

So you want to come to Florida. Experience the sand, the ocean, the rocks.  So come on down, and make it a good day in TAMPA BAY.

Outfit: I’m wearing an outfit that I’ve had for sometime and don’t remember where I purchased it. However, I will say that it is very comfortable to wear, the fabric is soft with a jersey like feel. It has a lime-green under top attached to the black overlay top with matching black 3/4 length pants.




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