OMG! Why I am loving this colorful dress. The summer colors  are so bold and bright and with Summer about to come to an end I’m just loving it! So let me tell the story behind this dress.

I have a friend that loves to shop, and I’ve known her for years, as a matter of fact she’s like a sister. So when I go to my friend’s house to visit, I like to raid her closet.   I can always find great deals, from pieces that she doesn’t want anymore for whatever reason or something that she doesn’t want anymore.  Do you have a friend like that? Well over the year, I must have obtained at least ten items that she has so given whole-heartedly to me,  or that I’ve purchased from her.   Hey, don’t tell her, but sometimes she give me things that I just can’t wear. 🙂  Or its just not my style, but this one, it hit the jackpot. Wouldn’t you agree.  I just think its adorable.

Yellow and Green Dress

As I stated before, I’ve been enjoying my summer, doing some shopping and am about to go on another 4-day staycation with my family, but I will be sharing my new items that I’ve purchased in upcoming posts.  So, be on the lookout for my other summer dresses.

You know, or I think I’ve told you that I like to get dressed up, even if I’m not going anywhere.  But, being a country girl sometimes that doesn’t come so easy. I get tired and lazy and sometimes, I just don’t feel like having pictures taken, but I keep moving forward. Although its a little daunting at times, but it seem to always bring a smile. And  with me being a sharer, I love to sharing , inspiring and encouraging.

Green and Yellow Dress.

Now back to this lil’ lovely dress.  This is a Nine West sleeveless multi-colored dress, it has a fitted waist, and pleats. I think the colors are beautiful.  Its brightness of yellow, greens, blues, and flowers just makes this dress scream SUMMER!

Lemon and Lime Colored Dress.


Loving the colors in this dress.

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