Sennar Living

Watching the morning sunrise from the beach.

Sunrise on the beach on the Emerald Coast

Sennar Living is all about LIVING!  In life we do so many different things to make our lives better and brighter.  And this lifestyle blog is all about that, LIVING! In this blog you will find, topics on fashion, travel,  beauty, decor, and southern cuisines, founded and created by Kassie “Kassy” Dunmore, who holds a background in education and business. She has a love for fashion and style. Her inspiration is to share her obtainable finds with her readers.

One of my favorite saying is from a book by Erman Bombeck, entitled “If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits?”

I believe life should be one of fun, laughter,  listening, sharing and caring. Why not make it fun doing what you enjoy and love. Its not always about how much money you can make or who’s doing what, its about what you can do to make you as happy and fulfilled as you can be. That’s Sennar Living!


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